“Imaginary Spaces” is an ongoing series of interpretations of aA´s non realized architectural projects by other artists or creatives.

Architecture is made to serve people and allow them to express themselves and/ or be re-interpreted by the user in a non conventional way. Thus if a building is not realized an important part is missing. “Imaginary Spaces” is asking for people to express their understanding of an architectural tectonic in their own way.

Imaginary Space Beta 1.0 is an experimental collaboration between an architect, ballet dancer and filmmaker. The starting point was a 2008 architectural project called XX(L)andScapeMuseum by anOtherArchitect : Daniel Dendra.

Sarah Grether is “morphing into this building as a feminine creature and creating movements according to its geometry as well as its emotional physicality. Using very minimal but slow and precise movements to execute the heavy, grounded feeling this building has and at the same time highlighting the spider like lightness that its esthetics reinforce as it spreads its web over a vast area and penetrates the soil of our earth.”

This first project in the series of imaginary spaces was realized for the ArchMoscow 2011 NEXT exhibition of anOtherArchitect. The exhibition won the prize for the best international exhibition at ArchMoscow.

idea and concept: anOtherArchitect : Daniel Dendra with Natalia Fentisova
dance/choreography: Sarah Grether
realization and editing: Natalia Fentisova
camera: Natalia Fentisova, Marcin Malaszczak
filming location: Station Berlin
interpreted building: XX(L)andScape Museum Kiev 2008 by anOtherArchitect

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